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Verena Medinger


Research student from July to September 2009

The project „urban metabolism in Europe“ is closely connected with cities and climate change, the concepts of sustainability, vulnerability, adaption and mitigation strategies of human settlements. I prepared a general review about the concept of „urban metabolism“. I later focused my research on estimation methods (MFA, IOA, Footprints) of the inputs and outputs of energy, water, waste, etc. in and out of cities and the definition of system boundaries (local and global „hinterland“, hidden flows). I was also interested in the internal and external driving forces of these systems which influence the metabolism and the interconnected processes mainly.


At present I am studying Geography (major), Politics, Agriculture and Development Sciences and Energy Economics at the University of Cologne and the University Bonn. My main interests are: climate variability and change, micro climates such as cities or small rural areas, land degradation and erosion, morphodynamics and land cover change, as well as renewable energies. I am also interested in modeling (GAMS, Visual Basic) and geographic information systems (GIS).



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