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Dr. Robert Marschinski

Robert is a researcher and lecturer at the chair for Economics of Climate Change, where he co-ordinates the research on international climate and energy policy. Together with Prof Edenhofer, he teaches the summer-term course on 'Climate Change Economics'. Robert holds a PhD in Economics from the University TU Berlin and a M.Sc. in physics from the University of Bologna.

Robert also works at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). Additional information can be found on his PIK homepage [1].

Contact details:

Technical University of Berlin 
Chair Prof Edenhofer "Economics of Climate Change"
Room EB 238 (EB 4-1)
Straße des 17. Juni 145
10623 Berlin
Phone +49-(0)30-314-78861


Research Interests

  • policy instruments in climate change mitigation
  • role of international trade
  • emissions trading
  • game theory


2009 to present. Technische Universität Berlin

2002 to present: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

2004: Three months' stay with the World Bank's Development Economics Research Group, Washington DC

2003: Three months as visiting researcher at The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI), New Delhi, India

2001 to 2002: Employment in financial services sector, Italy

2000 to 2001: Research for Master's thesis at Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany

1997 to 2001: Graduate studies in physics, University of Bologna, Italy

1995 to 1997: Undergraduate studies in physics and computer science, Free University of Berlin, Germany


Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals (ISI Articles)

  • Jakob, M., M. Haller, and R. Marschinski: Will History Repeat Itself? Economic Convergence And Convergence Of Energy Use Patterns. Accepted for publication in Energy Economics.
  • Brunner, S., C. Flachsland, and R. Marschinski: Credible Commitment in Carbon Policy. Accepted for publication in Climate Policy.
  • Steckel, J., M. Jakob, R. Marschinski, and G. Luderer: From Carbonization To Decarbonization? - Past Trends And Future Scenarios For China's CO2 Emissions. Energy Policy 39 (6), p.3443-3455 (2011).
  • Marschinski, R. and O. Edenhofer: Revisiting the Case for Intensity Targets: Better Incentives and Less Uncertainty for Developing Countries? Energy Policy 38 (9), p.5048-5058, September (2010).
  • Schmidt, R.C. and R. Marschinski: Can China Benefit from Adopting a Binding Emissions Target? Energy Policy 38 (7), p.3763-3770, July (2010).
  • Steckel, J.C., M. Kalkuhl, and R. Marschinski: Should Carbon-Exporting Countries Strive for Consumption-Based Accounting in a Global Cap-and-Trade Regime? Climatic Change 100 (3-4), p.779-786, June (2010) .
  • Schmidt, R.C. and R. Marschinski: A Model of Technological Breakthrough in the
    Renewable Energy Sector. Ecological Economics 69 (2), p.435-444, December (2009).    
  • Flachsland, C., R. Marschinski, and O. Edenhofer: To Link or Not to Link: Benefits and Disadvantages of Linking Cap-and-Trade Systems. Climate Policy 9 (4), p.358-372, July (2009).   
  • Lessmann, K., R. Marschinski, and O. Edenhofer: The Effects of Trade
    Sanctions in International Environmental Agreements. Economic Modelling 26 (3),
    p.641-649, May (2009).
  • Flachsland, C., R. Marschinski, and O. Edenhofer: Global Trading versus Linking:
    Architectures for International Emissions Trading. Energy Policy 37 (5), p.1637-1647, May (2009).
  • Marschinski, R., M. Tavoni, P. Rossi, and F. Cocco: Portfolio Selection with
    Probabilistic Utility. Annals of Operations Research 151 (1), p.223-239, April (2007).
  • Marschinski, R. and H. Kantz: Analysing the information flow between financial time series. An improved estimator for transfer entropy. The European Physical Journal B 30  (2), p.275-281, November (2002).
  • Franci, F., R. Marschinski, and L. Matassini: Learning the optimal trading strategy. Physica A 294 (1-2), p.213-225, May (2001). 

    Publications in Peer-Reviewed Books
  • Flachsland, C., R. Marschinski, O. Edenhofer, M. Leimbach, and L. Baumstark:
    Developing the International Carbon Market beyond 2012: Options and the Costs of Delay. In: Global Climate Governance beyond 2012: Architecture, Agency and Adaptation. Edited by F. Biermann, P. Pattberg, and F. Zelli. Cambridge University Press (2010).   
  • Marschinski, R. and S. Behrle: The World Bank: Making the Business Case for the
    Environment. In: Managers of Global Change - The Influence of International Environmental Bureaucracies. Edited by F. Biermann and B. Siebenhüner. The MIT Press, September (2009).
  • Biermann, F., B. Siebenhüner, S. Bauer, P.-O. Busch, S. Campe, K. Dingwerth, T.  Grothmann, R. Marschinski, and M. Tarradell: Studying the Influence of International Bureaucracies: A Conceptual Framework. In: Managers of Global Change - The Influence of International Environmental Bureaucracies. Edited by F. Biermann and B. Siebenhüner. The MIT Press, September (2009).
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