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Human Settlement and Infrastructure - Sustainable spatial Economics

International Climate and Energy Policy

Macroeconomic Sustainability Assessment


The department "Economics of Climate Change" is a transdisciplinary academic unit of the Technical University Berlin. Our mission is to develop, foster and communicate critical and policy-relevant knowledge in the economics of climate change and sustainability. To achieve this goal, we investigate spatio-temporal patterns of economic activity, focussing on international trade, consumption-based emission accounting, urban transport and infrastructures. We also deal with economic growth theory and structural change. While our framework is centered in economics, we freely rely on experience from mathematics, physics, engineering and the social sciences. 

Our main research questions:

Spatial sustainability sciences:

  • Conceptualizing Land-Use-Change, Transport and Human Settlement in the context of multi-level governance
  • Impact of urbanization and infrastructure investments on economic growth and vice versa
  • Modeling optimal urban transport policies
  • Investigation of how drivers of GHG emissions are present in the spatial dimension of economic  activity
  • Identifying infrastructure lock-ins and lock-outs
Dynamically Optimal Policy Instruments:
  • Designing of policy instruments to achieve sustainable development
  • Developing formal models to enhance our understanding of complex phenomena such as carbon leakage.
Macroeconomic Sustainability Assessment

Our research group is partly funded by the Michael Otto Stiftung.



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